Ann’s reflection on John 19:21-27

Listening to both the readings today was not the first time many of you will have heard them.  They were both familiar to us surely, and the one from John, read by Viv always makes me realise that even through the torture of being crucified, Jesus was still thinking of others suffering.  He saw some of his friends and his mother watching and he understood how terrible it must be for his mother to see him on the cross and he gave her to his friend John so that he and Mary could be as mother and son to each other.

Surely many of us, if we are in terrible pain, either physical or mental, tend to turn in on ourselves but Jesus reached out to the needs of others.  By saying from the cross – John, behold your Mother and Mary, Behold your son, He was providing them with a relationship that would help and comfort both of them.  Jesus spoke these words from the cross to show that from the cross flows healing for the broken-hearted, restoration and creation of good relationships, meeting the human need for friendship and family.

If we draw close to the cross, like Mary, He will bring us into close family relations with other believers.  He will bring us together with others who are likeminded so that we can serve the Lord together.   By this saying Jesus revealed God’s provision for a lonely and broken heart.  He knew what Mary was going through – her pain and grief, and made provision.  What Jesus did for Mary He wants to do for all of us.

He understands.  He is sensitive to our needs.  He knows our hurts and pains.  He knows what you are going through and wants to care and provide for you.

So we can be certain as we carefully go forward together as God’s family, He will be with us all the way.  Amen

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