Ann’s reflection for February 7th

Last week I read about Jesus healing the man in the synagogue who had an evil spirit in him and after that drama Jesus came out of the synagogue and went to Simon and Andrew’s home. It should have been a quiet day as it was the Sabbath but the first thing Jesus does is to heal Simon’s mother-in law who was ill and in bed.

The Sabbath ended at sundown and then “the whole City” turned up at the door with all their sick friends and relatives and hung around outside until Jesus had used his healing powers on them. I wonder how long this all took. Can you imagine what it would be like at the moment if Jesus was here healing sick and dying people? Would Jesus have been able to heal everyone who is ill with the virus?

Early next morning while it was still dark, he went out and found a quiet place where he could pray. Throughout the Gospel stories we find Jesus healing and preaching and then finding a peaceful spot to be alone to speak to his father in heaven. He needs that time to give him strength to carry on.

Simon and the others searched for him and when they found him, they seemed rather put out that he had gone off when they wanted him back but Jesus said no! They would go on and take the message to others. So they went all round Galilee proclaiming the message and healing and casting out demons.

There is a moment of truth in the cure of Simon’s mother-in-law. When we are cured from a sickness by whatever means, it is tempting to sit back and accept people’s good wishes and congratulations. This sick woman felt her high temperature drop and her energy returning and she got up and began to serve them.

Lord, thank you for my health, not something to luxuriate in, but the means by which I can serve others.

Who do you take your troubles to? Jesus heard Simon’s prayer for his sick mother-in-law and the fever left her. There is no trouble he will not face with us and for us. We must put our trust in him.

Lord Jesus, you became human for us! You brought healing and hope gave bread to the hungry. You gave us your life, your body, your spirit – everything. Thank You!

Jesus, this story portrays a very busy day in your life. Our days, as you know, maybe busy too, but you find time to pray and we must find time to do the same.

Lord, remind us to pray not only for your help at the bad and difficult times. We need to pray and thank you for being with us at all times.

I’m going to finish by reading a poem in a book which I have used often. The book was written by Nora Marsh – a friend of our late friend and member of this church – Vera Newton.

He is here in the softness of a snowflake,

He is here in the sighing of the wind,

He is here in the singing of the Blackbird,

He is here in the love of humankind,

He is here in the raindrop on the roses,

He is here where the corn so gently flows,

He is here in the grandeur of a mountain,

He is here in the joy a mother knows,

He is here in the miracle of healings,

He is here in the sacrifice of care,

He is here in the heart of human suffering,

He is here, for our Lord is everywhere.


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